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Your Eco Curly Consultation

Do you want to love your curly and wavy hair, but also reduce the amount of impact all those products could have on our environment?  Are you confused about all the different techniques, products, and general curl information out there? 

If you answered yes, to any or all of these questions, then I am here for you! 💚

Learning to take care of your curls, waves and the ocean is possible.  I will help you understand your curls and how to take care of them in a way that works for your lifestyle and routine.  


Our one-to-one session for £40 and will be entirely personalised to you via Zoom to help you love your curls and waves with confidence.  


By the end of your Eco Curly session we will cover the following curl lessons:

*Your personalised hair overview to learn your curl type, density and porosity.  

*Review your current hair care products and routine

*Routines and curl care to help your curls.  

*Hair health and application techniques that will work for you.

* Your own personalised Eco Curl Guide with all the notes and discussion points during our session including all eco-curl friendly product recommendations to help you maintain your curly hair.

Please note, payment is required up front and you will then be emailed your Zoom link approximately 24 hours prior to your appointment.   


Curl Consultation Review

"For as long as I can remember, I have brushed and combed my hair every day. Now in my fifties, that’s a considerable time. 

I was de-tangling it daily simply trying to have some sort of control over my big hair? Arms hurting and neck aching, brushing, pulling and combing each morning. Trying to make it ‘behave’ itself? I only wore it loose once a week to let it dry. Always finding the need to put it up or do something with it to keep it out of my face. After every hair wash, I would have to recover after an intense workout in the shower. Daft, but I only recently realised I was pulling my hair out – literally.


When I moved to Orkney, the last thing I expected was to find specialist curly hair care and advice. Curly Sunami will take time to really listen, share her personal findings of best practice and offer eco-friendly products."

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