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I am Susan, the founder of Curly Sunami. 


I started on the journey to healthy curls after a conversation with my Nana at a family gathering in 2019 where she asked me why my hair was so frizzy and what on earth had I been doing to it.  After much disgust and defending my hair, it also inspired me to research how to look after curly hair.  


I soon discovered that by bleaching my naturally brunette hair to blonde, using sulphate shampoos and silicone laden conditioners and stylers I was preventing my hair getting any moisture which made it feel and look like straw.  After a year of experimenting and focussing on getting my curls to their natural state I now have soft, bouncy curls that are absolutely nothing like the curls my Nana was so concerned about back then.  


In April 2020, my beloved Nana passed away due to Covid-19, but she had been really enjoying seeing my curls come back to how she knew they should.  This inspired me to keep going and support others to find their curly hair health too.  


After taking up sea swimming in 2020 I discovered a passion for looking after our ocean and everything that goes in to it.  As a woman with curly hair, I had far too many plastic bottles in my bathroom and this concerned me greatly.  


One of my other passions in life is to support small businesses and fly the flag for women in business, especially when they create such amazing products as the ones I have in my store.  Another part of my Nana that keeps me focussed is that she always stood up for women in this world and made sure they could do anything they set their mind to, so here I am doing the same.  


About Me

Find out what inspired Curly Sunami

Curly Sunami brings you excellent quality products and accessories that are kind to your curls and the oceans through plastic free production and packaging.  

All of these products have a focus on protecting and supporting healthy curls by using high quality ingredients and formulations with no sulphates, silicones or parabens.  

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