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New Year, New Me! Nope....just ageing well.

I have always found that I get better with age. Each decade brings a new confidence.

2021 has promised to be better than 2020, well we all want to see the back of that year. 2021 is also the year that I reach a new decade in my life as I turn my back on my 30s. I am sure you have all learnt new things about yourself this past year, and this has been the same for me. I am much more confident about who I am and what I am. I have accepted all the amazing and less than wonderful things about me that make me who I am.

Although I say 2021 is going to be a better year, I don't set New Year resolutions to make changes to who I am. I will just be building on the positives of the past year to enhance the next decade of my life. I saw a quote going around social media this past few weeks about not putting too much expectations on 2021, and for us to just wander in quietly and don’t touch anything. I loved this idea. So here I am, wandering in as quietly as I possibly can (I am not generally a quiet person).

So, what am I going to do instead of setting massive goals? Weight loss, exercise more, learn to play the saxophone (a secret dream) or write a book (my friends know the ones I mean)? Nope...I am going to keep doing what has been working in 2020 and improve on those. So here is an insight in to the 4 aspects of how Curly Sunami is going to approach 2021.

Eco-friendly curls

Looking after our curls is important, but doing it in a way that also looks after the ocean with no trade off in quality is the Curly Sunami mission.

“Manipulation of the normal structure of the hair shaft is epidemic and dictated by culture, fashion, and above all, celebrity.” (Sinclair 2007). So after years of manipulation, which ultimately ended in damage, the curly girl method handbook was introduced and has shown many curly haired people how to look after their curls again in a way that enhances the natural structure of our curls in a healthy manner.

However, in the search for products that would help with the journey to healthy hair again, there was other damage happening. Our plastic pollution has ballooned since the 1960s, in fact it has increased by 120 times since then (national geographic) and less than 10% of that plastic is actually recycled.

Thankfully there are businesses within the beauty industry who are making promises to reduce the plastic pollution and Curly Sunami is seeking out those that focus on curly hair care and provide these to you. We have started with Shampoo & Conditioner bars from Inannas Daughter, shampoos, conditioners and stylers from By Selina and beautifully produced hair oils from Olew. In 2021 we will be looking to expand this portfolio and keep challenging businesses that can do more to help keep our haircare more sustainable for the environment.

Vitamin Sea - Salt water is calling even louder.

As the sea has been a massive part of getting me through the later stages of 2020, I will endeavour to continue in embracing the ocean as being part of my routine. I am naturally very flakey when it comes to an exercise routine which has involved many new hobbies to keep me fit. In the past this has included, running, dancing, Body Pump, pool swimming and even cycling for a couple of months until I quickly discovered I really hate hills.

So why is sea swimming different from the rest? I don’t get the horrible sweaty feeling, I don’t get all puffy, I don’t need a load of different outfits that make me feel like I need to co-ordinate to look good while I exercise and most importantly I feel amazing before, during and after being in the sea.

So, is it really exercise and is it really keeping me fit if I am only in for 10-20 minutes and not always pushing myself so hard that my muscles ache after and being out of breath? The answer to that is yes!

The main benefits that I get from sea swimming is:

  1. Boosting immune system. I have not had a cold, sore throat, decongestant or any of the usual ailments that I regularly get as seasons change. Cold water helps to boost white blood cells by forcing the body to react to the changes in temperature, the defence system is also heightened.

  2. A natural high. Yes, exercise releases endorphins, or endolphins as we seas swimmers like to call it. Endorphins (endolphins) help us manage pain which allow us to handle colder water than we ever thought possible. The natural high reduces any depressive moments so we also become much clearer in thought and give a boost to our outlook. I never feel sad when I swim. In fact, I did have a very sad moment prior to a swim, and as soon as I entered the water and started swimming, I instantly felt more rested and at ease.

  3. Increases your libido, yes…I said it. Well actually this one and a few of these benefits have come from a blog by IPRS Health. It caught my eye, and made me add this to the list, not because of the increased benefits to a sex drive, but because this enhances confidence, mood and self-esteem, which is exactly what sea swimming has done for me.

Protecting our oceans - Supporting and researching

This all started by focusing on plastic free production and packaging on hair care products, my desire to protect our oceans has heightened further. In 2021 I will be doing more to support charities that make an impact in reducing the climate change we are experiencing through plastic pollution. I currently donate to Greenpeace, and started working on fundraising for Plastic Oceans UK, however I know I can do more. This will hopefully encourage others to join me in this too.

Raising awareness of plastic pollution will hopefully help other organisations to make changes to reduce their plastic packaging and how we purchase products. Currently over 8 million tonnes of plastic reaches our oceans every year and 90% of all seabirds have ingested plastic. These are the statistics that concern me greatly. Therefore, I will ensure that Curly Sunami, as a business, supports charities and organisations that are helping us to reduce these statistics for your future.

Susan Mackay (me) will also be doing more in my daily life to reduce plastic pollution such as making swaps in my home and doing all that I can to reduce, reuse and recycle any plastics and waste that does occur through my purchases.

Confidence in women - body, mind and soul.

I started Awesome A F Friday posts in 2020 on my instagram page to raise awareness of women in business, with a focus on small businesses. I will continue to do this in many forms. Supporting women in business has and always will be something I will advocate in my personal, professional and Curly Sunami life. I have been reading a book by Caroline Criado Perez called Invisible Women and it has opened by mind about how much the world has been designed by men and the data bias for women is stronger than I ever thought.

We are 50% of the population, so why is the world not designed for us too?

Showing young women the amazing role models they have in their own lives is so important. Increasing confidence in our mind and soul is just as importance as body confidence. So in the next year I am going to keep building on my own confidence, whilst also showcasing other women that inspire me as the year goes on. I have so many wonderful women in my life through friends and relatives, but in 2020 I have also been introduced to other wonderfully strong women that show so much kindness and generosity. I have found a new family of supportive women, and I know we can all find new role models for ourselves and our young women.

So, yes, 2021 is not going to be a New Year, New Me type of year, just a quiet, understated improvement of what was good with 2020. My 40s will just be an improved version of my 30s, and I will be bringing more of this to you over the next few weeks. Curly Sunami 4.0


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