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5 ways to love your curls and the environment.

Loving our curly hair can be challenging and often when you start to learn about your curls it can be a minefield of information and product options. This can lead to product overload, wastage and ultimately concerns for the very environment we live in. Learn how to love your curls, waves and the ocean.

Starting to look after my curly hair from years of bleaching and damaging my curls was a very steep learning curve that meant a year of trial and error with a variety of products. Once I started sea swimming, I was felt very guilty about the amount of plastic packaged and wasted products in my bathroom.

I can now help you love your curls without wasting products and we can do it in a sustainable way for your bank account and our environment.

Here are my 5 tips to love your curls while reducing the impact on our oceans. .

Tip #1 - Multi-use products

Here are a few products that can be used in a variety of ways:

Olew Original was originally created to help with hair growth and repair as a scalp massage treatment. It can also be used as a styler or to help scrunch out that cast.

Olew Hair Healing Remedy can be used as a hair treatment that can be left in over night, as a deep conditioner and a leave-in to help build strength and nourishment to your curls.

By Selina Curl Cleanser and Conditioner can be used as a co-wash, regular conditioner and a leave-in.

Shedid and Parrish Deep Restoring Conditioner can be used as a deep conditioner and a regular conditioner.

Shedid and Parrish Silky leave-in can be used as a conditioner and a leave-in.

Tip #2 - Quality over quantity

Buying quality products that have been formulated to be specifically for the health of your curls while quality ingredients ensures you do not need to use as much of the product to do what your curl needs. Shampoo bars have the potential to last at least 1 and a half times longer than your regular shampoo and use 80% less water than regular bottled shampoo.

"Organic ingredients are chosen because they are more potent than their non-organic counterparts." – By Selina

Tip #3 - Get recommendations

Getting recommendations from other people with similar curls, or your favourite curly product store that is tailored to you, will save you in the trial and error stage of loving your curls.

"Susan is friendly and will help you find the products you are looking for." - Customer Review

Tip #4 - Use up what you have first.

You don’t have to make an immediate change for everything to buy more sustainable options. Change as you go without wasting anything you currently use.

Tip #5 - Follow me for more tips.

I am here for any other curly tips and recommendations to help you love your curls while reducing the impact on our environment.

Loving your curls, waves and the ocean.

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